First Impressions of “Destiny: Rise of Iron”

This past week I've been playing through the new Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron. For $30, it's not exactly a steal, but it adds enough new content to make me excited about this first-person shooter game again! Here are a few reasons I've been enjoying it so far. =) The Iron Temple Rise of Iron introduces a new… Continue reading First Impressions of “Destiny: Rise of Iron”

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Listmas 2013: Snowy Environments in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

My Listmas post for the day is up on Geek Force Network! I wrote it because I miss snow today…

Geek Force Network

It doesn’t snow in California. I’ve come to accept that, and having lived in places where it does snow, I comfort myself with the firsthand knowledge that as pretty as it is, snow can be a hassle too. But around this time of year, I find myself gravitating towards video games, books, and movies that feature cold winter weather. For some reason, the snowy settings help set the mood for the holidays. That’s why my computer backdrop for the season is this:


It’s Skyrim. And that just happens to be my first choice for my favorite sci-fi and fantasy worlds that make awesome wintry vacation spots, even if it’s just in my imagination.

1. Skyrim


It might be a dangerous place if you’re on the wrong side of the civil war or facing an unexpected dragon attack, but Skyrim is the most beautiful video game landscape I’ve ever seen and would…

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