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Book Review: Biotech and Parenting in “Borne”

After reading Jeff VanderMeer’s strange science fiction novel Annihilation, I decided to jump into another of his strange sci-fi books: Borne.

I listened to the audiobook, narrated by Bahni Turpin, which helped me finish it quickly as I was able to put my commute to good use. It’s definitely longer than Annihilation, and in many ways the world-building is much stronger here because so much time is paid to it.

And really, that’s what this book is all about: not so much a riveting story, but the world the author creates and the feelings that world inspires.

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The Strange World of “Annihilation”: Comparing the Book and Movie

Last week I whizzed through reading James VanderMeer’s sci-fi novel Annihilation, in preparation for its film adaptation by Alex Garland. I finished the book on Friday — it was only a six-hour audiobook, although it’s part of a longer series — and I saw the movie over the weekend. And it was weird, in a good way.

I’d like to compare the book to the movie here, but just through my own opinions of what I liked and didn’t about each medium. Because they are very different, it’s hard to truly compare them. (Story discussion to follow, but I won’t spoil the ending!)

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My Current Sci-Fi Reading

After spending a couple of months obsessively listening to audiobooks of Nora Roberts’ future mystery romance series In Death, I decided to switch it up with a couple of other science fiction picks. Here’s what I’ve been “reading” lately. =)

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Top 5 Smutty Science Fiction Books!

Sci-fi romance books are a guilty pleasure of mine. And with the holidays approaching, that means downtime and airplane rides — so lots of time to catch up on guilty pleasure fiction. I’m always a sucker for romance in my stories anyway (and you know how I feel about BioWare romances), so having some romantic moments and steamy scenes in a science fiction book just makes the story so much more entertaining for me.

Having read quite a few of these books, I have a few I’d recommend for the holidays. They’re all fun, easy reads for your time off or travel. Some are better for their sci-fi worldbuilding — others for their smut factor. I’ll rate both so you can figure out which you’d prefer. =)

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