One Weekend in with “Destiny”

This past weekend I started playing Destiny and got kind of obsessed. Here’s what I love so far. A Sci-Fi World That Feels Magical I already wrote a little about the inspiration behind Destiny’s worldbuilding when I played the beta a couple years ago. (How has it been that long?!) It’s science fantasy at its… Continue reading One Weekend in with “Destiny”


The Sci-Fantasy World of Bungie’s “Destiny”

Oh, science fiction. It's my favorite genre, and I'm always intrigued by a new sci-fi IP. That's why I've been so excited about Bungie's new game Destiny for a very long time now. This past weekend, Stephen Rhodes was kind enough to hook me up with an extra beta code so I could give it a try, which totally made… Continue reading The Sci-Fantasy World of Bungie’s “Destiny”

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Thoughts on the “Science Fantasy” Genre

Lately I've been browsing science fiction and fantasy books, trying to make a to-read list that will get me excited about diving into fictional worlds again. I've also been researching for some personal writing projects. And what interests me most as I explore these two genres is how often they mix to create a third… Continue reading Thoughts on the “Science Fantasy” Genre