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My Skyrim Husbands (Video Post)

In my many playthroughs of Skyrim, I’ve gotten really invested in who my character marries each time. Marriage in Skyrim gives you benefits like your spouse cooking you meals (so you eat to bump up your health in a fight), making money for you (so you can buy all the shiny new armor), and giving you a little romance boost when you sleep in the same bed (so you fight better, I think?). But for me, choosing a spouse who fits my character, whether in personality or fighting style, is what truly matters.

Here are my thoughts on my Skyrim husbands so far, and who I’d recommend depending on whether you want a stable house husband or a warrior who can join you in battle. =)

I’d love to hear who your favorite spouses are in Skyrim too. Thanks for watching!

— Ashley

My Ideal RPG Party!

My favorite RPGs are the ones where I get to bring companions with me. BioWare games are known for that, but Skyrim is another game where I had somebody rolling with me into combat — and even Geralt in The Witcher sometimes gets some help.

The key to a good party is having a unique set of combat skills that complement my own. I like to think that if I were in a video game, I’d be a stealthy mage, so I need tanks and rogues with me — or the equivalent. But a good party is equally about having people who work well together, with personalities that make the journey more interesting.

From all the RPGs I’ve played, these are the characters I would want in my permanent RPG party — like, if I could have one in real life. Or if I were transported into a video game. Something like that. =)

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