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My Skyrim Husbands (Video Post)

In my many playthroughs of Skyrim, I've gotten really invested in who my character marries each time. Marriage in Skyrim gives you benefits like your spouse cooking you meals (so you eat to bump up your health in a fight), making money for you (so you can buy all the shiny new armor), and giving you a… Continue reading My Skyrim Husbands (Video Post)


My Ideal RPG Party!

My favorite RPGs are the ones where I get to bring companions with me. BioWare games are known for that, but Skyrim is another game where I had somebody rolling with me into combat -- and even Geralt in The Witcher sometimes gets some help. The key to a good party is having a unique set of… Continue reading My Ideal RPG Party!


Playing with Magic in Video Games

Any time a video game lets me play with magic, I take it. When given character class options, I almost always go with mage... or the sci-fi equivalent. Even when I opt for archery in games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I often try to include magic in the mix. I once built a two-handed… Continue reading Playing with Magic in Video Games