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It’s Like (but not love) with Syfy’s “The Expanse”

So I’ve now watched the pilot episode of Syfy’s The Expanse three times. Twice, I watched it by myself. The first time, I was distracted. The second time, I tried to take it all in -- really give it a fair shot, without picking up my phone midway. The third time, I watched it in… Continue reading It’s Like (but not love) with Syfy’s “The Expanse”

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What’s Coming in 2013 for Geeks Like Me

First off, happy new year to everybody reading! This blog has been a lot of fun to write for the past several months, and I plan to keep it going in the new year. I really appreciate the subscribers and all of the conversations we get going in the comments, and I wish you all… Continue reading What’s Coming in 2013 for Geeks Like Me

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Thoughts on the “Science Fantasy” Genre

Lately I've been browsing science fiction and fantasy books, trying to make a to-read list that will get me excited about diving into fictional worlds again. I've also been researching for some personal writing projects. And what interests me most as I explore these two genres is how often they mix to create a third… Continue reading Thoughts on the “Science Fantasy” Genre