A Few of the Coolest Video Game HUDs

I'm a sucker for a pretty video game HUD. The heads-up display is there to present information to the player, but it's really easy for it to get cluttered. Some games (notably Dishonored, which I'm replaying right now) give you the option to turn off the HUD altogether, which is pretty cool if you want… Continue reading A Few of the Coolest Video Game HUDs


Do Video Games Need Movie Stars?

I’ve been watching a lot of the pre-release footage of Halo 5: Guardians, which comes out tonight. I also just finished playing Until Dawn. One noteworthy feature these video games have in common is that some of their characters are based on real-world, recognizable actors. Not just their voices -- their entire faces. In Halo 5, the character Buck looks just… Continue reading Do Video Games Need Movie Stars?

What's New

What’s New – October 2015

I'm so happy it's finally fall! This is my favorite time of year. And since a bunch of great new games are coming out in November, I'm spending this month catching up on a couple others -- mainly Until Dawn and Batman Arkham Knight. If I can finish both of those, plus the episodic series… Continue reading What’s New – October 2015