A Decade of My GOTY

The past decade really made me who I am as a gamer and writer, and some of the games I played have been a big part of my journey. Some of you may know I started playing games as an adult, and the first two games that truly made me a gamer were BioWare's Dragon… Continue reading A Decade of My GOTY


What I’m Playing This Month

When life is stressful, I often turn to gaming. There's something comforting about it. In some cases, it's escapism to another world, a chance to leave your problems behind and be a hero in a fantastical land. Other times, it's a way to connect with others through online gaming or couch co-op. Sometimes it makes… Continue reading What I’m Playing This Month

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Why I’m Thankful to Be a Grown-Up Gamer

With Thanksgiving this week, it feels like the perfect time to share some gratitude I have as a gamer this year. I'll admit I have not played a lot of new games this year, for a couple of reasons: 1) I've been extremely busy this year, and 2) I have not been interested in many… Continue reading Why I’m Thankful to Be a Grown-Up Gamer