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What’s New — March 2017

Happy springtime, everybody! So I have no idea why I made such a fuss about Horizon Zero Dawn last month, because it came out on the last day of last month... which means really, it's March that's going to be totally full of this game. I am so excited about finally playing it. I ordered the Collector's Edition… Continue reading What’s New — March 2017


“For Honor” Review: Medieval Multiplayer Mayhem

Last weekend I played the new video game For Honor pretty obsessively. After playing a demo at PlayStation Experience and the beta a few weeks ago, I enjoyed the combat but found it really challenging too. The control scheme is tricky -- melee fighting requires you to hold the left trigger while moving the right stick… Continue reading “For Honor” Review: Medieval Multiplayer Mayhem

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What’s New — February 2017

Hello, everybody! Now that we've made it through the first month of the year -- which for me was all about getting back on track with my health, and starting a new job -- it's time to start getting excited about the springtime of video game releases. Last month I played a little Skyrim, a… Continue reading What’s New — February 2017