Why I ♥ “Cosmic Star Heroine”

This past month I have fallen in love with a little game called Cosmic Star Heroine. It's a Kickstarter by Zeboyd Games, featuring 16-bit graphics and a conspiracy story set on another planet. Because of the retro art style and turn-based combat, I would recommend it specifically to gamers who enjoy those things. It's not… Continue reading Why I ♥ “Cosmic Star Heroine”

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What’s New — May 2017

It's a new month, which means it's time for another update and a fresh start on nerdy adventures! Here's what I've been up to... Last month I started my adventures in Mass Effect: Andromeda. This month I'll be wrapping them up. I'm about halfway through the game now, and I'm sure I'll have some video… Continue reading What’s New — May 2017

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The Sci-Fi and Fantasy I’m Reading and Playing

Happy Friday, everybody! Today I'd like to share a simple post about what's on my fantasy and sci-fi agenda right now, in terms of entertainment. =) Kushiel's Dart This is a novel by Jacqueline Carey that I've been wanting to read for awhile, so I finally started it last week. A fantasy book featuring a… Continue reading The Sci-Fi and Fantasy I’m Reading and Playing