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What’s New — May 2017

It’s a new month, which means it’s time for another update and a fresh start on nerdy adventures! Here’s what I’ve been up to…

jaal_mass_effect_andromeda.jpgLast month I started my adventures in Mass Effect: Andromeda. This month I’ll be wrapping them up. I’m about halfway through the game now, and I’m sure I’ll have some video posts incoming as I keep playing, along with a full review! I seriously ❤ this game. And Jaal! I finally found my new BioWare romance. You can follow along with my adventures here if you are so inclined to read a ridiculously long, detailed, spoiler-filled diary of the game!

I’ve also been playing the indie game Cosmic Star Heroine which I recommend to anyone who is into a.) 16-bit graphics, b.) turn-based combat, c.) wacky, kickass sci-fi, and/or d.) visual novel-style dialogue all over the place. It’s so much fun, guys.

Prey and Farpoint are out this month, and I must say, I would dig a solid shooter sometime soon. Mass Effect is technically a shooter, but I use my powers rather than shooting half the time and am currently playing on an easier difficulty — which means I spend way more time just hanging out and talking in the game. Prey seems like it will scratch my shooter itch, but I don’t know if I’ll get around to it immediately. I kinda want to finish Mass Effect first.

Same thing with Farpoint, which is intriguing mainly for being a VR shooter with the new Aim controller. I don’t know how I feel about holding a gun-like object in my hand, but I’m curious to try it. It might feel too real to me, too violent, if that makes sense. Whether or not I get into it, it looks amazing and I’m sure it will elevate the whole VR experience to new realistic heights.

HandmaidsTaleTA.jpgHulu’s new series The Handmaid’s Tale has also just started. An adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel, I’ve been waiting for it since I listened to the audiobook, narrated by Claire Danes, earlier this year. Few books have resonated with me quite like The Handmaid’s Tale, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. I’m enjoying the Hulu series a lot so far. It keeps the protagonist Offred’s narration at the forefront, which might make it slow-paced to some, but as a reader I believe it’s the most fulfilling way to understand the story.

As for my writing, I’m gradually getting back into my book. After a couple of months of inspiration and sweat after National Novel Writing Month, things sort of tapered off. Part of that was from family stuff I was dealing with, and a new job I was getting used to, and… yeah, priorities. But I’m setting myself up with a new schedule to continue writing my novel. I want to finish this thing and pop open the bottle of wine I’ve been storing for when I finally type the last period. Or question mark? I might end my book with a question mark.

What are you guys up to this month? What’s everybody watching and playing? I also need new TV show recommendations… =)


14 thoughts on “What’s New — May 2017”

  1. The buzz for The Handmaid’s Tale definitely means I will check it out at some point. I usually sign up for Hulu in the Summer for a month to check out what I’ve missed there. Since I won’t get to it right away, I will try and read the book first though.

    As far as games, I have my eye on Rime and Prey. I hope to play them if I get the chance. Maybe not this month, but before year’s end. Otherwise I’m trying to finish up some stuff I missed earlier this year like Resident Evil 7 and Yooka-Laylee.

    1. That’s a smart way to do your Hulu subscription. I hope you like Handmaid’s Tale when you read/watch it! It’s really different. I also just watched my boyfriend finish Resident Evil 7 this weekend, I was too scared to play it myself but it was an amazing game!

  2. I seem to be on a bit of a Bioware kick right now. After finishing Andromeda, I decided to at last embark on my plan to replay Dragon Age II with mods. It’s been a mostly successful experiment, and I should probably finish it within a few days.

    Thinking I might do my first replay of Andromeda sooner than expected, too, but I am waffling a little. I’m wondering if it’d be better to wait until they start releasing DLC, and I’m having trouble deciding who to romance next. Leaning toward Cora, but I can’t escape the feeling I’d just be using her for her hair…

    Beyond that, Heroes of the Storm just had a big update, and StarCraft co-op is having one tomorrow, so I’ll probably dabble with them a little. And I’m planning a short “farewell tour” to say goodbye to The Secret World (sigh).

    TV-wise, still watching iZombie season three. Mixed feelings so far. First two episodes were excellent, but the more recent two have been kind of underwhelming. We’ll see how it progresses. And my father has been recommending a show on Netflix called Into the Badlands (I think), so I might check it out.

    For books, I’m getting hyped for the upcoming releases of The Fatal Gate and Beren and Luthien (which are around the same time), but those are still about two months away, so I guess I need to find something to occupy myself in the meanwhile. Was thinking of rereading the Dirk Gently books.

    1. Oh yeah, that’s sad you have to say goodbye to The Secret World! I know you have posted so much about that game. It’s funny you mention Into the Badlands, I started watching it recently as background when I exercise. It’s pretty cheesy I think, but the martial arts fight scenes are really fun to watch!

      1. Yeah, spent about 1,000 hours in TSW over the last four and a half years. Definitely jarring to lose it. Maybe the new game will turn out okay, but I’m not super optimistic right now.

  3. I too am hoping to wrap up Mass Effect this month. We’ll see how that goes…

    I’m looking to Prey this week and am pretty excited for it, even though I already have my sci-fi going on with ME:A. I didn’t realize Farpoint was this month but being as I still haven’t gotten a VR headset, I probably won’t get to it anytime soon.

    The Handmaid’s Tale looks interesting and right up my alley but I don’t have Hulu, so I may have to settle for giving it a read. That said, there are a ton of movies this month I’m looking forward to so, I can probably let The Handmaid’s Tale sit for a bit and catch it later in either book or video form.

    1. Yeah I definitely recommend reading The Handmaid’s Tale whether or not you get to the show! I liked it a lot, a really strange story. So you’re going to give Prey a try while you’re playing Mass Effect? I kinda want to do that too, but I’m going to make myself wait because I have a bad habit of playing too many games at once, and I’m already juggling a couple smaller ones besides Mass Effect! haha Prey looks really interesting though, I’m excited for it.

      1. I’ve taken to playing Mass Effect in a really weird way. It has become my secondary game that I jump in, explore a bit maybe do a couple side missions or a story quest. It may have to do with the early story setting more of an exploratory tone than one that requires my full undivided attention. I do need to put some serious time into it though as I want to get a Switch in June (if I can find one) and play Zelda. I figure I can dive in hard on ME:A after Prey though as I’m not hot on anything again until July.

        And per your rec, I am adding The Handmaid’s Tale to my Goodreads “To Read” list.

  4. I finished my first run through Persona 5 on Saturday, clocking in at a little over 120 hours. I’m debating whether to start my New Game + run this weekend or hold off and give myself some time. Of course, all other entertainment has fallen by the wayside this month accordingly, so I’m very behind on pretty much everything on TV. I finished Bates Motel and Feud: Bette & Joan.

    I am behind on almost every other show. My Monday evening routine is basically Gotham live followed by Dancing with the Stars (which runs 2 hours), so I can fast-forward through all the commercials and bits I don’t care about and still end within a half-hour or so of the show’s (live) end when the voting window is still open. I never really was much of a reality TV guy but I started last season and have kept it up.

    I got a side job at a local deli, so I’ll have less time but more money. Which is good, because if nothing else I still need to support the comic habit.

    I’ve been hearing a ton of buzz around Handmaid and I think I will probably read the book at some point. I’m a little burnt out on all the specialty TV channels/services. I already pay for HBO and Netflix and just signed up for Starz so I can watch their new American Gods adaptation. My brother pays for Showtime and we’re looking forward to the return of Twin Peaks. So adding Hulu to the mix is overwhelming to consider, haha.

    1. Wow about Persona 5! That is a lot of invested time. That game looks so good, it’s on my list but whenever I have time, so might not be for awhile. I have a coworker who is similarly blasting through it, she might be done with it now too. :) Anyway, I completely understand what you mean about all the special stations for shows these days, and their costs. It is getting really complicated haha. I don’t blame you for holding off on Hulu, it is one of my favorites for shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Homeland. But I think I pay extra for Homeland. Ugh.

  5. Let’s see…

    My wife and I will both be at our graduation ceremony this weekend, so there’s that! Many years a work and thousands of dollars out of our pockets with finally come to an end. Now we can do big kid stuff again. I technically don’t finish until December, but I do get to walk across the stage.

    Luckily, I attained a scholarship that will pay for my final semester, and I will be taking part in an internship that will allow me to ply my leadership skills and writing ability. Hopefully I can leverage this into a good job following college.

    We have to move though, which involves buying a house for the first time. Scary stuff!

    Gaming wise, I am interested in Prey, but I already blew my gaming purchase of the month on Ghost Recon Wildlands. I’m enjoying myself so far however. Other than that, I’m going to put in some time in The Long Dark and Cities Skylines, as well as some other titles I’ve been meaning to pay attention to.

    1. Oh wow, congratulations on your graduation for you and your wife!! That is a big achievement. It’s like you just unlocked a life trophy haha. Yeah buying a house is exciting and I’m sure very scary, it’s something I’m not quite thinking about yet but I am starting to save so in a few years I’ll have something to put toward a down payment! That’s cool you are playing Ghost Recon Wildlands, I know a couple people who are really into it! Looks fun.

  6. I watched the first episode of Handmaid’s Tale and I like it so far. I’m very interested in reading the book at some point. I’ve been switching between playing Andromeda and watching stuff on Netflix or Hulu. Oddly enough, my viewing habits have been skewing a little dark: 13 Reasons Why, Black Mirror, and now Handmaid’s Tale. I guess I’m in a darker state of mind? Kinda weird considering I’m not in a gloomy or depressed mood.

    I was thinking of romancing Jaal, but I decided to stick with Liam. That romance is unfolding slowly as I play, but so far it’s a bit meh. Maybe it’ll improve! I hope, haha!

    1. Haha I’m glad you gave your Andromeda romance figured out! Yeah nothing beats Mass Effect romances… or Alistair… That’s cool you are watching Handmaid’s Tale. I also just finished watching Black Mirror, it’s so interesting and I’m eager to watch more if there’s another season.

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