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Celebrating Halloween’s Suspense (Without the Scares)

Halloween is a scary holiday, which I sometimes struggle to celebrate because I don't like horror. If it's dark or suspenseful, fine. If it's creepy or spooky, I can take it. But I'm not into too many jump scares, or anything too unbelievable, or scenes so disturbing I won't be able to sleep afterwards. For… Continue reading Celebrating Halloween’s Suspense (Without the Scares)


Halloween Movie Review: “28 Days Later”

Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later is my favorite horror film -- maybe because it doesn't play out like a horror film. The opening scene depicts animal activists breaking into a lab to release chimpanzees, who are in fact infected with a rage virus. This launches the zombie film that's not really about zombies and the horror film… Continue reading Halloween Movie Review: “28 Days Later”