Intro to the “Star Wars 1313” Setting

Apparently LucasArts released a video about the upcoming game Star Wars 1313 that I didn’t know about… last August! In case you’re as behind as I am, the video shows the developers discuss the game’s setting, which is Level 1313 beneath the surface of Coruscant. It’s a part of the Star Wars universe that hasn’t been explored before — and it sounds dark, dirty, and claustrophobic down there. The developers even make a Dante’s Inferno reference. But the city is also visually stunning (in a gritty sort of way), and in spite of its oppressive feel, it’s packed with history. Personally, I’m getting a major Blade Runner vibe from it, based on the overall look of it. You can watch the video all about it here.


The gameplay looks refreshing, with lots of fast-paced gunning and gadget play. While some Star Wars fans might be disappointed that combat is not reliant on the lightsaber, the cool thing about this game is that it’s showing us the Star Wars world from the perspective of a bounty hunter — and he has his own skill set that goes along with that profession. I prefer ranged and cover-based combat anyway, but I’m also eager to see if there truly is an emphasis on gadgets to keep the shooter-style gameplay interesting.

The biggest lingering question is when Star Wars 1313 will be released. The latest I’ve heard is sometime in 2013, but nothing more specific than that. I would guess 1-3-13, but I don’t think that’s a Tuesday…


7 thoughts on “Intro to the “Star Wars 1313” Setting”

  1. Also, in America, that was a week ago :P
    Anyhow as a person who’s never much cared for Star Wars or most science fiction generally, I’m actually very excited about this game. I’m still in the camp that believes this could quite possibly be a launch title for the next generation, though — or at least a cross-generational release. So while I’m still glad it’s being made, that would probably mean I won’t be playing any time soon.

    1. I’m not much of a Star Wars fan either — at least not of the films — but I do enjoy BioWare’s Star Wars video games, etc. Part of the appeal of 1313 to me is that it’s exploring a new setting in that universe, too. I was also thinking it could be a launch title for the next gen consoles… and thanks for the year reminder! As I was writing this, I was thinking it was still 2012 and that this game wouldn’t be out until next year. Knowing it’s (probably) coming out within the next 12 months makes me much more excited… and I’m thinking I should probably buy a calendar at some point. =)

      1. Heh, I have two calendars, and never look at either. The timestamp in the upper right of my screen is the only way I ever know when it is.

        But yeah, probably not coming out a week ago. Or in two months. Soon, but not that soon ^_^

  2. When they showed this at E3 my first thought was next gen consoles, the graphics and effects on display are far to advanced for current hardware. Unless it releases primarily on PC and they just downgrade it for current systems, which they wouldn’t do for a Star Wars title. As for the quality of the game itself, i’m interested, but have fairly low expectations. There hasn’t been a good Star Wars game for some time, and while the setting is a neat idea, I can’t see them having much diversity in the locales to keep it interesting for the entirety of the adventure. I need the outdoors and large vistas! Plus the main character design is horrible! If i’m going to play as a Bounty Hunter I want to look like a badass Boba Fett! Not like some average joe Luke Skywalker lookalike. I don’t want to seem overly harsh on it, but since the original Knights of the Old Republic, videogame Star Wars titles have been similar to the new trilogy; disappointing.

    1. That’s a good point regarding the setting. For me, it depends on how long the game is. I might not want to spend 40 hours in such a claustrophobic location, but I would love to explore it for 10 or 15. Not that I want the game to be short… but I do see what you mean if the gameplay hours start to climb. I guess I don’t see it as being too different than Batman: Arkham City, Dishonored, or any other game that sticks to just one city, though.

      As for the character design, that’s exactly why I love it! A badass Boba Fett would be awesome, I’ll admit, but I love the idea of playing someone who looks realistic and isn’t an overly buff dude (for instance). I also love the original Knights of the Old Republic, and I agree that a lot of Star Wars games since have not been stellar. I’m excited for the new angle and setting in this one, though.

  3. The Star Wars universe is so flexible, it’s made for everyone in some kind of way. And this one is right up my alley, I think.

    1. That’s true! I love those sorts of vast universes that are open for exploration. You can tell so many stories in those worlds, from different perspectives, etc. Even though I was never a huge fan of the movies, I’ve come to really love the Star Wars worldbuilding through video games, books, etc.

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