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What’s New – December 2016

I'm so happy the holidays are officially here! The past 11 months have been extremely fun, but I am feeling the exhaustion that goes along with hitting the end of the year. I'm also ready for some time off to catch up on gaming. :) Last month was full of travel and writing for me.… Continue reading What’s New – December 2016


The Season for Video Games!

The holiday season makes me think of video games for many reasons. It gets dark earlier, so I want to be at home. It's cold out, so I want to be at home. And I usually have some time of work, so I get to be at home. Besides that, I like to write a… Continue reading The Season for Video Games!


The Video Games on My Fall Calendar

With the holidays approaching (well, kinda -- I'm already excited, though), the big season for video games is coming up. I always look forward to buying games for myself as the year comes to a close, and if I'm lucky, I get some time off work and can invest those hours in my new games! Last… Continue reading The Video Games on My Fall Calendar