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What’s New — October 2017

Happy October, everybody! September was a busy and memorable month for me. I wrote about some of it in a Life Update post a couple of weeks ago. I took a dream vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii, where I went parasailing, zip-lining, snorkeling, and volcano-hiking. I'm honestly not that adventurous a person most… Continue reading What’s New — October 2017


A Look at the Telltale Games I’ve Played So Far

I love video games with strong stories. It's why I got into games in the first place -- role-playing games like Dragon Age: Origins were my original obsession. Within a couple of years of starting to play video games (as an adult -- late bloomer!), I heard about Telltale Games, a studio that created story-driven games… Continue reading A Look at the Telltale Games I’ve Played So Far


Agency and Storytelling in Video Games

Weaving a good story is a major achievement for a video game, and it seems that lately we've become a little obsessed with this. While we gamers still love our side-scrolling platformers and the modern versions of them installed on our smartphones, there's been a trend in recent years: We want stories. We want cinema. This… Continue reading Agency and Storytelling in Video Games