Noir Turned Upside-Down in “Jessica Jones”

After finishing the first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones this weekend, I can tell you two big reasons why I enjoyed it so much: It features a host of tough, witty women in leading roles. It totally reminds me of Lost Girl and Gilmore Girls in that respect. Jessica Jones and her best friend Trish… Continue reading Noir Turned Upside-Down in “Jessica Jones”

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Who Captain America Really Is

When it comes the least-liked superheroes, it seems like a lot of people pinpoint Captain America. The common arguments are that he's dull or too perfect... or that he represents a sort of chauvinist patriotism that's off-putting. But Captain America might be the superhero I love the most, and the more I learn about him,… Continue reading Who Captain America Really Is


Exploring Thor Comics: Walter Simonson’s Run (“Thor Visionaries”)

I didn't grow up reading comics. I didn't know much about superheroes. My biggest introduction to any superhero was in Sam Raimi's Spiderman films, which came out when I was a teenager. His Spider-Man 2 is still one of my favorite superhero movies; I watch it all the time. Then came Christopher Nolan's Batman series; Batman Begins… Continue reading Exploring Thor Comics: Walter Simonson’s Run (“Thor Visionaries”)