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The Price of Flesh in “Altered Carbon”

What will happen in the future, when we can disconnect our minds from our bodies? The science fiction novel by Richard K. Morgan and its Netflix adaptation, Altered Carbon, takes a unique approach to this question. It presents us with a bleak vision of what life would be like if we could achieve immortality by discarding our… Continue reading The Price of Flesh in “Altered Carbon”


Why I ♥ “Cosmic Star Heroine”

This past month I have fallen in love with a little game called Cosmic Star Heroine. It's a Kickstarter by Zeboyd Games, featuring 16-bit graphics and a conspiracy story set on another planet. Because of the retro art style and turn-based combat, I would recommend it specifically to gamers who enjoy those things. It's not… Continue reading Why I ♥ “Cosmic Star Heroine”

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The Sci-Fi and Fantasy I’m Reading and Playing

Happy Friday, everybody! Today I'd like to share a simple post about what's on my fantasy and sci-fi agenda right now, in terms of entertainment. =) Kushiel's Dart This is a novel by Jacqueline Carey that I've been wanting to read for awhile, so I finally started it last week. A fantasy book featuring a… Continue reading The Sci-Fi and Fantasy I’m Reading and Playing