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Inhabiting a Character: My Favorite RPG Leads

Role-playing video games are how I got into games in the first place. The ability to create a character is a liberating experience. It’s starts with how the character looks, then goes on to how the character acts in their world through my in-game decisions.

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Are Your RPG Characters Anything Like You?

In a lot of my favorite RPGs, you can create a customized character to play as throughout the game. Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Skyrim, Fallout, Saints Row, Destiny, Star Wars: The Old Republic, EVE Online… Designing a character is one of my favorite parts of playing a game like this, because I get to create someone who represents me.

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5 Reasons I Game (Listmas 2015)

Why do we play video games?

Unlike a lot of people who grew up playing video games, I only got into gaming as an adult. The first one I fell in love with — the one that made me a gamer — was Dragon Age: Origins from BioWare. I loved its rich characters, focused storytelling, and role-playing opportunities. The fact that I started playing it on my birthday one year only makes it feel even more special. Now, I play it every year on my birthday, as a tradition and chance to reminisce about how video games have changed my life.

But why get into video games as an adult? I can think of a few reasons, just in time for Listmas!

If you don’t know about Listmas, it’s a list-making party started by writer C.T. Murphy awhile back. Every holiday season, bloggers are invited to participate in creating lists about anything they like. If you want to give it a go, tag your list with “Listmas” on social media — we regular Listmas-ers like to spread the love by sharing (re-blogging, re-tweeting, etc.) these themed posts.

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