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What I Loved in Video Games in 2017

New Year’s is almost here, which means it’s time for my favorite blog post of the year: all about what I loved in the video games I played this year.

I like to restrict this list to new games, rather than anything from my pre-2017 backlog. And instead of focusing on a top 10 list of games or something equally difficult to rank, this post is here to celebrate what video games did right. It might be something that stood out to me as being unique, a plot twist that caught me off guard, or a character I loved (or hated, in a memorable way).

So without further adieu, here is what I loved in video games this year.

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5 of the Funniest Video Games I’ve Played So Far

Since playing Night in the Woods lately, I’ve been nostalgic about some of funnier video games I’ve played. I always enjoy when a game includes some humor — usually from a side character who cracks jokes, or something along those lines. But there are some games out there that are just about 100% funny. Even if you’re living through a story, getting to know characters in a deep way, shooting bad guys, or solving puzzles, the humor is an ever-present force that makes the game way more fun than it would otherwise be.

Here are the games that have had me laughing out loud the most.

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Life Update!

Hey everybody! I’m sorry I’ve been a little off the grid lately. This past month I went to Hawaii, which was amazing, and where I got engaged. (I’m totally leveling up my life!) So I was away from my keyboard and in kind of a dreamy haze for awhile.

But now I’m back at home, getting into the groove of work again, and ready to blog! This blog is definitely a place I will always return to, because writing here has been such a huge hobby of mine. Besides enjoying it, it’s also a way to connect with other people who like the same nerdy stuff as I do!

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