A Few Co-op Games for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day is here, and that means more time with those we love. I am a big fan of celebrating this day whether you're single or in a relationship, because it can be a holiday that's about all kinds of love, including family and friendship. Whatever the case, it's a great time to play video… Continue reading A Few Co-op Games for Valentine’s Day!


Testing My Luck in “Mortal Kombat X”

Last month I picked up Mortal Kombat X for the first time. My boyfriend (who has been playing the series since he was a kid) bought the game and wanted me to try it, so I did on a whim. I didn’t expect to like it, as fighting games never really appealed to me before.… Continue reading Testing My Luck in “Mortal Kombat X”

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What’s New — August 2016

The summer is almost over, and I have to say I'm ready for it. Fall is probably my favorite season, as I always look forward to cooler weather and the holidays. Plus, more video game releases, and if I'm lucky, more time to play them! Last month I focused a lot on playing through the… Continue reading What’s New — August 2016