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Riding the Current in “ABZU”

Going into ABZU, I knew it was going to be a meditative game. People have been comparing it to Journey, in part because the games share a designer in Matt Nava. In fact, after working on Flower and Journey with thatgamecompany, Nava went on to found developer studio Giant Squid to create ABZU.

Journey is one of my favorite video games, and while I agree that ABZU has a few similarities, I felt very differently about this one than thatgamecompany’s masterpiece. ABZU is similarly quiet and unrushed, but rather than feeling like an explorer whose emotions wandered as I did in Journey, playing ABZU I felt like I was being guided somewhere. The destination didn’t matter, of course — only the experience of pushing forward.

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Five Tips for Introducing Someone to Video Games

Video games are fun, right? We love them — which is why it’s surprising how challenging it can be to get someone new to play them. Long-time gamers don’t always remember, but there’s a lot of frustration when a new player doesn’t know what to do.

I’ve already written a post on the best video games for beginners, but it’s a little outdated now and I’d like to write a few tips here, too. This is also all based on personal experience, since I started playing games as an adult — I know the pain! So if you’re trying to get a loved one into video games for the first time, here’s what can help. =)

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My Personal Video Game Awards, Pt. 3

This is the last post in my personal video game awards! You can read part 1 and part 2 if you want to catch up on my other favorites. This part covers games that mean a lot to me, either because they’re emotional experiences or I love them like crazy (or both). They’re also ones I talk about on here a lot, so I’ll bet you can guess some of them…

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