Erica Review: A Macabre Interactive Thriller

Over the long weekend I took a couple hours to play the game Erica on PS4. I was excited to try it. As a live action narrative game, it feels like watching a movie -- except that you get to dive in and make key decisions to affect the outcome of the story. Here's my quick review,… Continue reading Erica Review: A Macabre Interactive Thriller


Bandersnatch Review: Brave but Boring?

I really wanted to like Netflix's choose-your-own-adventure experiment Bandersnatch. Part of the Black Mirror series -- which features standalone episodes exploring all kinds of futuristic ideas and dark themes -- Bandersnatch is about a programmer in the 1980's trying to create a video game based on his favorite choose-your-own-adventure novel. The cool thing is that the entire episode is a… Continue reading Bandersnatch Review: Brave but Boring?


Agency and Storytelling in Video Games

Weaving a good story is a major achievement for a video game, and it seems that lately we've become a little obsessed with this. While we gamers still love our side-scrolling platformers and the modern versions of them installed on our smartphones, there's been a trend in recent years: We want stories. We want cinema. This… Continue reading Agency and Storytelling in Video Games