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Why “Batman” Might Be Telltale’s Best Series Yet

This past week I finished the first episode of Telltale Games’ second season of Batman, and I’d argue it’s their best series yet.

While I’m personally a big fan of the humor of their Tales from the Borderlands series, Batman has an unforgettable combination of epic action, a twisting storyline, and familiar characters framed in new lights. I love their take on people like Harvey Dent, Selina Kyle, and the Joker — they remain true to these characters’ personalities on the whole, yet present them in fresh contexts that make them feel new too. I also love the balance between investigating crime scenes and punching bad guys as Batman — then going home to the Batcave to research Gotham’s major players with Alfred. The series is just incredibly well-tuned.

These are just a few of the reasons Batman is such a stellar series from Telltale. (No major spoilers!)

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Dueling Through the “For Honor” Beta

One of my most anticipated games this year is For Honor, a Ubisoft release that features knights, Vikings, and samurai caught up in a thousand year war. Over the weekend, I played the closed beta to get a feel for the game, which is coming out in a couple of weeks.

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Riding the Current in “ABZU”

Going into ABZU, I knew it was going to be a meditative game. People have been comparing it to Journey, in part because the games share a designer in Matt Nava. In fact, after working on Flower and Journey with thatgamecompany, Nava went on to found developer studio Giant Squid to create ABZU.

Journey is one of my favorite video games, and while I agree that ABZU has a few similarities, I felt very differently about this one than thatgamecompany’s masterpiece. ABZU is similarly quiet and unrushed, but rather than feeling like an explorer whose emotions wandered as I did in Journey, playing ABZU I felt like I was being guided somewhere. The destination didn’t matter, of course — only the experience of pushing forward.

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