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Rereading “Dune,” the Book That Made Me Love Science Fiction

When I was in middle school, I visited a tiny library in a very tiny town near where I lived with the intention of finding a new book to read. I visited a lot of libraries growing up. As an avid reader, I was always looking for some new book to devour, but I didn’t have a lot of recommendations other than whatever my teachers had me reading at school.

So on this occasion, I chose a book based on a few important factors: a.) how big it was, b.) how it felt when I picked it up, and c.) how it smelled. I liked long novels in crinkly covers that smelled like old musty parchment paper. I was a weird kid like that, though I have faith the rest of you who were also nerdy children can relate!

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First Impressions of Sci-Fi Podcast “SAYER”

Last week I listened to the first four episodes of the podcast fiction series “SAYER.” I’m not usually one for podcasts, but I’m always up for some creative fiction, and SAYER is my favorite kind: science fiction.

Episodes are about 15 to 20 minutes long, with a single voice actor, Adam Bash, who acts as narrator and is also the producer of the series. From what I gather from the podcast’s website, Bash writes each episode with a different co-writer.

If I had to sum up SAYER, I’d say it’s a genre mash-up of science fiction, dark comedy, and mystery. You’re in the story, trying to figure out where you are—who you are. And your only companion seems to be a deep-voiced AI who may or may not be trustworthy.

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