Letting Go of Expectations with “Star Trek: Discovery”

If the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery has taught me anything, it's that expectations do a lot more harm than good. The new Star Trek series had its two-episode pilot (sort of a double feature) this past weekend, and I was dying to see it. I had high hopes that it would stay true to what I consider… Continue reading Letting Go of Expectations with “Star Trek: Discovery”


Riding the Current in “ABZU”

Going into ABZU, I knew it was going to be a meditative game. People have been comparing it to Journey, in part because the games share a designer in Matt Nava. In fact, after working on Flower and Journey with thatgamecompany, Nava went on to found developer studio Giant Squid to create ABZU. Journey is one of… Continue reading Riding the Current in “ABZU”


Moving Past Violence in Video Games

I've been playing Uncharted 4 this past week, and one of the most enjoyable things about it so far has been the focus on fresh types of gameplay. Not that stealth and navigation is all that innovative in general, but after playing shooter after shooter, I've loved stepping into the boots of Nathan Drake, a man now happily… Continue reading Moving Past Violence in Video Games