My First Time with Battle Royale in “Apex Legends”

I don't mean to be an antisocial gamer. But when it comes to my video game time, I've usually opted to spend hours alone, engaging in the meandering side quests and carefully-selected dialogue options of role-playing games. I like a good story. But in the past few years, I've taken up several co-op games with… Continue reading My First Time with Battle Royale in “Apex Legends”


Inhabiting a Character: My Favorite RPG Leads

Role-playing video games are how I got into games in the first place. The ability to create a character is a liberating experience. It's starts with how the character looks, then goes on to how the character acts in their world through my in-game decisions. Characters can ground any story, and having my own character… Continue reading Inhabiting a Character: My Favorite RPG Leads

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“The Witcher” Series: Reading vs. Playing

In the 1990's, Andrzej Sapkowski published short stories and novels set in an original fantasy setting. These center on Geralt of Rivia, a witcher who wields magic and hunts monsters. But I played The Witcher video games -- well, the second one, anyway -- before I ever read Sapkowski's books. It's only in recent months that I've… Continue reading “The Witcher” Series: Reading vs. Playing