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Why I ♥ “Cosmic Star Heroine”

This past month I have fallen in love with a little game called Cosmic Star Heroine. It’s a Kickstarter by Zeboyd Games, featuring 16-bit graphics and a conspiracy story set on another planet. Because of the retro art style and turn-based combat, I would recommend it specifically to gamers who enjoy those things. It’s not for everybody. But it feels made for me, and since it’s not a AAA title getting tons of attention, I want to make sure to share it with you all. Here are a few reasons I’m loving it so much.

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“Titanfall 2” Review: The Most Fun I’ve Had with a Giant Robot

I’m not that into multiplayer games. I don’t have a particular fascination with big fighting robots. Since the original Titanfall game was a multiplayer-only FPS game with giant mech combat, I wasn’t instantly enamored with the idea of playing either it or the sequel. But Titanfall 2 features a campaign, and I started hearing that it was an amazing one. It’s cool to hear about a game that takes a chance on something new — and Titanfall 2 totally nails it.

I played through the campaign over the weekend and totally fell in love with the story, the smooth combat, and the relationship between the main character Jack Cooper and his titan, BT-7274. It helps that I already enjoy shooters, but I’d say this game is really something special in the FPS genre.

Here’s what the game has going for it, and why I enjoyed it so much!

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“ReCore”: The Good, the Bad, and the Dusty

ReCore is my current video game addiction. It’s a cute little third-person shooter, with a young woman named Joule and her robot puppy Mack going on all kinds of adventures. The world is a planet where the terraforming has gone bonkers. So have the local machines, which attack Joule at every turn. Those are the mysteries Joule needs to solve, in desert-like environments where she and her Corebots are constantly kicking up dust as they shoot and platform from place to place.

The first hour of ReCore, I thought, “Okay, this is fun.” By the second hour, I was totally hooked. I’m now about six or seven hours in, and I can tell you that between the hundreds of gamerpoints I’ve acquire through Xbox achievements — overkill, sure, but I’m not complaining! — and the fast-paced action, I definitely recommend this game. To some people. But the game has its faults, which become more apparent the longer you play.

I’ll be presenting a full game review in video format soon. But for now, here are the pros and cons I’ve discovered in ReCore.

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Moving Past Violence in Video Games

I’ve been playing Uncharted 4 this past week, and one of the most enjoyable things about it so far has been the focus on fresh types of gameplay. Not that stealth and navigation is all that innovative in general, but after playing shooter after shooter, I’ve loved stepping into the boots of Nathan Drake, a man now happily married whose past is coming back to shake up his post-adventurer, average-Joe life. (No major spoilers — I haven’t even finished the game myself!)

But at some point around the halfway mark, the game gets explosive. Enemies start popping up everywhere, and to deal with them, Nathan starts whipping out his weapons. That’s when I remembered that while the Uncharted series makes a name for itself with its narrative and beautiful environments, they’re still video games. So you shoot people.

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