My Biggest Worldbuilding Inspirations

Like a lot of writers, I draw inspiration from many of my favorite creative works. Since I'm currently writing a science fiction novel, some of my biggest sources of inspiration are other science fiction works -- but not always books. Anything with great worldbuilding is a candidate. The smallest detail can spark a new idea. It's never… Continue reading My Biggest Worldbuilding Inspirations


Video Game Blogging Challenge: “Best of” Edition

This is the last of March's weekly posts for this 30-day video game blogging challenge. It’s been a fun way to come up with new gaming-related topics to discuss! Please share your thoughts if you have some answers to these too. This week, it's all about the "bests" in games -- best music, best gameplay, etc. If… Continue reading Video Game Blogging Challenge: “Best of” Edition


How Much Freedom Should We Have in RPGs?

In role-playing video games -- my favorite genre -- having lots of freedom often means enjoying a more interesting, personal role-playing experience. Obviously, story and character development are important in RPGs, but freedom -- or maybe something like customization, or more player control over in-game details -- is what defines the RPG genre, in my opinion. Sometimes… Continue reading How Much Freedom Should We Have in RPGs?