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Robo♥beat’s Birthday: Why I Started Blogging!

Today Robo♥beat turns four! I’m pretty excited that I’m still blogging. It’s become a big part of my life and something I really enjoy as a hobby. It's like my place to ramble about the nerdy things I like! What’s cool about blogging is the social aspect. I really didn’t expect many people to read… Continue reading Robo♥beat’s Birthday: Why I Started Blogging!


My “Dragon Age: Origins” Birthday Tradition

Some of you may already know this story. It's about how I got into gaming, my birthday, and a little video game called Dragon Age: Origins. Several years ago, I was having a quiet birthday in San Francisco. I went to Amoeba Records with my sister, and I'm pretty sure she bought me a CD. On… Continue reading My “Dragon Age: Origins” Birthday Tradition


Robo♥beat Turns One Year Old!

Today is Robo♥beat's 1st birthday! It's amazing to think of how much my life has changed since launching this blog. I've been especially luck to meet so many awesome people online through WordPress and Twitter. If you want to meet some of them too, please check out my blogroll or look at all the people… Continue reading Robo♥beat Turns One Year Old!