First Impressions of Sci-Fi Podcast “SAYER”

Last week I listened to the first four episodes of the podcast fiction series “SAYER.” I’m not usually one for podcasts, but I’m always up for some creative fiction, and SAYER is my favorite kind: science fiction. Episodes are about 15 to 20 minutes long, with a single voice actor, Adam Bash, who acts as narrator… Continue reading First Impressions of Sci-Fi Podcast “SAYER”


Combat in Columbia in “BioShock Infinite”

With BioShock Infinite's combat-centered DLC "Clash in the Clouds" available today, my mind has been on the main game. It's become one of my favorites, and unlike a lot of people, I genuinely enjoyed the combat once I got used to it. Going back to the first BioShock games... I've had a love-hate relationship with them. I love… Continue reading Combat in Columbia in “BioShock Infinite”


The Problems of Being a Polygamous Gamer

As much as I love games, sometimes I just run out of time to play. Recently, I went almost two weeks without gaming, which would have been more torturous had I not been on vacation. And with desirable games coming out at least twice a month for me, I have trouble keeping up with them… Continue reading The Problems of Being a Polygamous Gamer