What I Loved in Video Games in 2015

It’s the end of December, and that means it’s time for what is personally my favorite post of the year to write. It’s a wrap-up of all the things I loved in video games this year. Top 10-style lists are just too hard for me when it comes to picking my favorite games. Instead, I… Continue reading What I Loved in Video Games in 2015

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What’s New – November 2015

When it comes to video games, this is the month I have been waiting for. Two big games come out in the next two weeks: Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider. I'll be playing them both this month. I'm also finally going to play Halo 5: Guardians co-op! Batman: Arkham Knight Progress... In the meantime, I've been… Continue reading What’s New – November 2015

What's New

What’s New – October 2015

I'm so happy it's finally fall! This is my favorite time of year. And since a bunch of great new games are coming out in November, I'm spending this month catching up on a couple others -- mainly Until Dawn and Batman Arkham Knight. If I can finish both of those, plus the episodic series… Continue reading What’s New – October 2015