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My Identity Crisis with the Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz

Lately I’ve been diving back into Harry Potter. I’m going through some changes in my life — I’ll fill you in soon! — and that leads to stress, which leads to this need for something familiar. Something safe. That’s where Harry Potter comes in.

A lot of people say they re-read the Harry Potter books or watch the films when they’re going through difficult times, like a break-up, major move, or job change. I believe that’s because Harry Potter offers an escape from reality that feels safe rather than dangerous. Most of us already know the story, and while it’s certainly full of danger, it’s also an inspiring story about friendship and bravery, set in a magical world that feels like it would be a happy place to live.

And one of my favorite things about Harry Potter is choosing my house.

Harry Potter potions image.jpg
Photo by Artem Maltsev

At the wizarding school of Hogwarts, where protagonist Harry Potter goes to study, students are divvied up into four different houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. If you know Harry Potter, you know all about this — you might even have your house picked out based on your personality! But for those who don’t, a quick profile:

  • Gryffindor: Known for courage and chivalry. I like to think that Gryffindors will always stand up for what’s right, as their sense of justice is their guiding force.
  • Ravenclaw: Known for intelligence. Ravenclaws are the most academic of the houses, although I imagine there’s a healthy mix of pretentious show-offs, witty daredevils, and shy bookworms…
  • Hufflepuff: Known for their loyalty and work ethic. These are the people you can always count on — they’re great friends who understand the value of love, trust, and life’s simple pleasures.
  • Slytherin: Known for cunning. They’re ambitious, and when they set their minds to something, they know just how to manipulate things to get their way. I think of them as the Machiavellis of Hogwarts, but they can be good-hearted as well as determined.
harry potter houses image
Photo by Geoffrey Coonen

Students are sorted on their first night at Hogwarts. Each takes a turn sitting on a stool at the front of the Great Hall, at which point the Sorting Hat is placed on their heads. This Hat has insight into each student — and a voice, too. When Harry takes his turn, he thinks to himself, Not Slytherin, because he’s met a Slytherin boy who seems like a bully and doesn’t want to be like that himself. The Sorting Hat admits that Harry would make a great Slytherin but, taking Harry’s will into account, places him in Gryffindor instead.

Of course I had to choose my house too, and Ravenclaw felt like the best fit. I’ve always been a little nerdy, caught up in my own interests and imagination. Some of the most iconic Ravenclaw characters are a little out there — like Professor Sybill Trelawney and student Luna Lovegood — and I identify with their focus on the inner life.

And so, over the years, I’ve bought Ravenclaw notebooks, blue scarves, a themed eagle keychain. Ravenclaw is my house, and I’ve always been proud of it.

But only recently did I decide to take what I consider to be the true online Sorting Hat test, on the officially Harry Potter website Pottermore. The quiz is a strange one; it includes a lot of abstract questions like, “What scent would attract you most?” in addition to the more obvious, “Would you rather be granted wisdom, bravery…” etc. Still, I answered the questions as best I could, fully expecting to be tossed into the Ravenclaw common room at the end.

Instead, I was placed in Gryffindor.

hogwarts castle
Photo by Darshan Patel

My first instinct was to retake the quiz, but I was already logged into the Pottermore website. It wouldn’t let me retake it.

Next, I researched everything I could about Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw. I wanted to hear what others had to say about their placement, and it sounds like the Pottermore quiz sorted a lot of people into unexpected houses.

Then I tried to come to terms with my new allocation. Gryffindor is a noble house, after all. What I love about Gryffindor is that they value what’s right above all else — and in a way, I identify with that. I don’t want knowledge just for the sake of knowledge; I want to use it for good. I’ve never thought of myself as brave, given how shy I can be, but in thinking it through I can see times in my life when I did make bold choices.

Even so, the creativity and curiosity that I always associated with Ravenclaw kept nagging at me. Plus, all that merchandise!

So I decided to create a new Pottermore log-in and retake the quiz that way. I have two e-mail addresses, after all. If I got Gryffindor again, I would know that it’s my house. It’s meant to be. If I got Ravenclaw, I’d have some thinking to do. And if I got anything else — well then, I would have to just pick my house and be done with it!

At the end of the quiz, I had to smile at the result: Ravenclaw.

I immediately jumped into the website to research about my house. Pottermore is a gorgeous site that’s designed to lead you down the rabbit hole, clicking on one post after another to learn about the world of Harry Potter. In the Ravenclaw section, I clicked on profiles of famous Ravenclaw characters, read about ghosts like Helena Ravenclaw, and tried to picture myself in the Ravenclaw common room. I felt right at home.

I still have some thinking to do about all of this. It’s funny how a seemingly simple quiz that sorts you into a fictional house can lead you to analyze yourself so much. That was the fun of it for me, though: it’s an excuse to dig into who I am, why I do the things I do, and the kind of person I want to become.

Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts, once said, “Sometimes I think we sort too soon,” when discussing the traits people can exhibit. Being part of one house doesn’t cut you off from the traits of another house, and you can evolve over time too. Nobody truly fits a specific profile — we’re all a blend of characteristics, and our house is just an indicator of one facet of ourselves that we value. For example, Hermione Granger is often held up as an example of a Gryffindor who could have easily been a Ravenclaw due to her intelligence and love of academia, but perhaps it was her inner courage that guided her more than anything else.

If you haven’t taken the Sorting Hat quiz, I highly recommend it (despite the confusion it can cause). If you’re ready for an existential crisis of your own, here it is: Enjoy!

What Hogwarts house do you identify with? And what do you think of the sorting process?

— Ashley

Featured photo by Clark Young

4 thoughts on “My Identity Crisis with the Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz”

  1. Like you, I mostly identify with Ravenclaw. I’ve never taken the Pottermore quiz on account of my dislike of creating too many online profiles (and needing to remembering the associated passwords), but I did take another one that’s supposedly the most “accurate” quiz. Was ostensibly designed by personality typing experts to match people to the traits supposedly associated with each house.

    I got around an 80% match for Ravenclaw and about 15% for Hufflepuff, with Slytherin and Gryffindor making up the remainder. I believe I had less than a 1% match for Gryffindor. The only thing that surprises me about that is that Hufflepuff beat Slytherin. I guess I’m not as much of a jerk as I thought.

  2. Hi Ashley,

    When I was a little child I approached Harry Potter only through the movies, I read the books the first time back in 2013, I was already 17/18 during my re-discovery so to say. Needless to say that when I was a child I wanted to be Gryffindor only for Harry Potter.
    In 2013 after becoming a real Potterhead so to say I realized that I am a complex character and thorn between Slytherin and Ravenclaw, this time I consider my personality not the characters.
    When I did the sorting hat quiz at Pottermore(old version) the first time it gave Slytherin, at first I kind of expected because I see myself am determined, ambitious and cunning a little bit…. by now nearly ten years later I have a crisis of Hogwarts Houses so I did the new sorting hat quiz at Pottermore(current one) I was placed unexpectedly in Ravenclaw!
    I can see also intelligence, I am also curious, creative, original eccentric as well etc.
    If I have to choose two characters from Harry Potter to define my personality they would be without a doubt: Luna Lovegood and Severus Snape.
    For this reason I am still thorn between Slytherin and Ravenclaw, I mean now I see myself more as Ravenclaw with Slytherin vibes back in 2013 the other way round, Slytherin with Ravenclaw tendencies…
    I like to think that if I attended Hogwarts I could have been a hat stall or a nearly one, probably the Sorting Hat would have let me choose the house, to be honest I would pass down the opportunity as I’d be suited for either house.. saying something like you are the sorting hat you can make the right choice yourself …
    Do I seem more Ravenclaw or Slytherin in this hypothetical answer?

    1. I wonder if we would change houses over the courses of our lives, because I do feel like that’s possible based on how much our temperaments and perspectives can shift based on our experiences. Was it Dumbledore who mentioned that he thought they sorted students too young? I love both Luna and Snape too. And I think what I identify with most about Ravenclaws is that it seems they can be lost in their own worlds sometimes, whether that’s in a creative pursuit or academic research, etc. I feel like that sometimes! You do seem like you could be a Ravenclaw based on how you are breaking all of this down (just like I am). :)

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