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What’s New – March 2016

March is here, and just for fun, this month I’ll be working my way through this video game blogging challenge, which is basically a list of 30 topics you can cover in 30 days. Rather than spam you guys with one a day, I’ll just focus on questions I find interesting, covering a few at a time in a weekly post or something like that.

I’ll also be pulling back on the blogging a bit. For the past 2 to 3 months, I’ve been posting 3 times a week (with a couple of exceptions), but now that my work is picking up (along with some side projects), I think once or twice a week is more realistic for me going forward. =)

Also, I’m excited to put together a community blog post coming up in the middle of the month! It will feature thoughts from some of my fellow bloggers on voice acting in games.

0634ffbfbbd5e634ab68e25dbfecb71527f25996_hqAs for video games, I’m mainly playing Dragon Age: Inquisition and Fire Emblem: Fates (going the Birthright route) right now. Both super fun. I wanted to put together a game diary for Inquisition but am having such a great time just flying through it on my own (without worrying about updating all the time or even remembering every detail) that I’ll wait for a second playthrough to share a diary.

Also, I’d kind of like to replay Dishonored before the second one comes out. I almost forgot what it’s like, though I remember it being ridiculously pretty and ridiculously fun…

More personally, I survived snowboarding last month (barely, I was sore and bruised for about two weeks afterwards) and am now in full swing training for a 10K in April! But I’m scared, guys. I did a 5K last summer, but it was all I could do. I consider myself a very beginner runner. I used to hate it with so much hate, I told my coworkers (who started a running club after work) that I hated it and would never run, ever. Then I joined a gym and started running, so… yeah. I do like the challenge and getting in shape, it’s just nerve-wracking that I’ll be running such a great distance (for me) just six weeks from now!

What are you guys up to this month? What games is everybody playing? Are there any movies or shows coming out you’re looking forward to (because I love recommendations!!)?

— Ashley

2 thoughts on “What’s New – March 2016”

  1. Good luck with the 10K! I’m sure you’ll do great. :) Doing those type of marathon/sports competitions never really appealed to me, but I guess I don’t really have the right people to motivate me to try it out. I’ve also been switching between Birthright and Saints Row IV, even though I should really focus on one game for my game challenges. It’s so hard to resist Birthright when I really enjoy the characters and story thus far. I also love my playable character to death because she’s so cute and I just want to see her face in my game any chance I can get!

    1. Yeah I’m enjoying Birthright a lot too! Those first chapters are so intense, I love the story so far. I know what you mean about trying to stick to one game at a time though. I’m the worst at that — too many tempting games!

      Thanks for the luck! Yeah, I used to hate working out. I was always the kid who hated PE class. I started seeing somebody who goes to the gym regularly and he helped me start running and training, it’s been good for me since my hobbies are so sit-on-the-couch style hehe. But I know what you mean, I never had the motivation to do it by myself!

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