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What’s New — August 2017

Howdy, everybody! How is it already August?!

Last month I feel like I got a lot of stuff done. I played Wolfenstein: The New Order. I read Sword of Destiny from The Witcher series (and totally loved it). I bought a new car. I picked up learning Spanish again. I started running again, in preparation for a 10K I’m doing in a few weeks. I had the flu for awhile, which made me a total couch potato for a week playing Persona 5 with my Kleenex next to me. (By the way, Persona 5 = best game ever when you’re home sick!) I also went to the movies more than usual, and saw Spider-Man: HomecomingDunkirk, and Valerian.

The only thing I didn’t do much of is writing, which was sort of my goal for the month of July. I had a Camp NaNoWriMo goal of writing for 30 hours over the course of the month, but I didn’t make it to my goal. I prioritized other things, which makes me feel a little disappointed in myself — but I did write a little, and I am on schedule to finish my book this year. I definitely feel good about where my sci-fi novel is at right now, I just have to make writing more of a habit. Ideally a daily one.

p5_bgIn August, I’ll be continuing to write — lots. I’m also going to a music festival, running my 10K, and hopefully making some time for Spanish practice.

I’ll also be more dedicated to my blog here! I know I took a little time off, which was totally unintentional. I guess I got a little writer’s block, and I was busy. But I’ll admit it was nice to take some time to just enjoy things without writing about all of them, playing Persona 5 for hours a day and going to the movies with my boyfriend. Sometimes you just need a break, and then you come back refreshed with ideas again! I love my blog and certainly have no plans to stop writing it, vacations aside. =)

What I’m Playing: Right now I’m finishing up Mass Effect Andromeda and continuing my Persona 5 obsession. I was really on the fence about whether to play Persona or Final Fantasy XII on PS4, but I decided to go with a new game. I like to play new stuff while people are still talking about it, because… what can I say, I’m easily swayed by hype! Although now I know a ton of people who have finished Persona 5 and are playing Final Fantasy XII, so… yeah.

Game_of_Thrones_finale_607_2What I’m Reading: I’m currently working my way through The Witcher series of novels. I’m halfway through Blood of Elves. I am also reading The Law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie, but I’m taking a break from it to focus on The Witcher for now.

What I’m Watching: Game of Thrones! I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones, so I’ve been eagerly awaiting this season. So far, it’s more action-packed than I expected, which I love. All I want in the world is to see Sam happy, Jon die heroically, Arya kill Cersei, and Dany take the Iron throne. That’s my wishlist. Let’s see what happens.

— Ashley

What’s New — July 2016

July is here, which is means it’s almost Robo♥beat’s fourth birthday! I’m kind of amazed I’m still blogging, but it’s just such a part of my life now and so much fun for me. I’m also for the long weekend that is about to happen in honor of the Fourth of July. =)

Here’s how things have been going for me lately, and my plans for this month!

Video Games

In June, I succeeded in wrapping up my playthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition, which was a lot of fun despite the fact that I’m not a fan of how the game handled its limited open world. The funny thing about that playthrough is that I didn’t successfully romance anyone. I wanted to go for Solas, then switched to Sera… but she didn’t like me enough by the time I was ready for the final mission, so I just left my Inquisitor badass and single. That’s a first for me in a Bioware game!

2559202-the_witcher_3_wild_hunt_geralt_ready_to_deliver_the_final_blow.pngThis month I’m focusing on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I’ve already been chomping away at it, so now that Inquisition is done, I can put more attention there!

I’m also replaying the whole Mass Effect series. You can read my game log as I go here!

There aren’t a lot of new games coming out that I want to play this month, although I played The Banner Saga for work awhile back and really enjoyed it. Now that Banner Saga 2 is out on Xbox One, I might pick it up and spend a lazy weekend with it. If you haven’t heard of these games, they feature beautiful artwork, Oregon Trail-style travel and exploration, turn-based strategy combat, and cutscenes with dialogue options and story choices. It’s like everything I enjoy about games all wrapped up in one pretty package. =)


th_b_jemisin_fifth.jpgAfter finishing Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan, I’ve been struggling to find another science fiction or fantasy book. Nothing quite compares, as I enjoyed the prose and pacing so much in Altered Carbon.

I’m kind of trying to read Ancillary Justice, but I’m extremely close to lemming it. It feels cold, moves slowly, and has no great hook in terms of an interesting plot. I guess I just haven’t “gotten” it yet.

I think I’m going to stick with The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin, who wrote one of my favorite novels The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. I’m at chapter three right now and finding it pretty intriguing, if a little slower and more mysterious than Altered Carbon, so it’s an adjustment.


Some of you might know that I like to exercise. It’s not something I talk about a lot on a fantasy and sci-fi blog, but it’s become a big part of my lifestyle in the past couple of years, thanks largely to my boyfriend who had already been into fitness when we started dating. After running a 10K in April and taking a vacation to New York City, I kind of stopped running for awhile.

Fortunately, I did get back with it last month! My new goal is to run eight miles per week, which feels like the perfect amount for me. I split it up however I want, figuring I’ll do a longer run on Saturdays. That means if I spread it out — two miles here and there throughout the week — I can just run a 5K on Saturday and be done. But if I’m bad and wait until the end of the week to run, I have to go through some pretty grueling miles on the weekend. But that’s also good for me, so I’ve been enjoying the challenging and have done it successfully three out of the four weeks last month.

It’s also a good amount because it leaves me a couple of days free to do other workouts. I’m trying to do more pilates and yoga at home for mild strength training. And obviously I like to have a couple of rest days every week too. You will not see me doing much of anything on a Sunday. =)

— Ashley