Characters Who Inspire Me: Kira Nerys

Kira Nerys, the fiery officer from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, is one of the my favorite characters of all time. I think it's because she has so much going on -- so many interesting contradictions within herself, which actually fit together to create someone totally unique and realistic. We're all just a big old bag… Continue reading Characters Who Inspire Me: Kira Nerys

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Three Sci-Fi Worlds and Casts I’m Nostalgic For

It's hard to say good bye to your favorite science fiction. Whether it's putting down the last book in a long loved series, watching the finale of a favorite show, or watching the end credits of a video game, I get instant nostalgia for the worlds I just experienced and the characters I got to… Continue reading Three Sci-Fi Worlds and Casts I’m Nostalgic For


How Realistic Are Humanoid Aliens?

Aliens are all over science fiction, and many of them I adore. Characters such as Spock and Kira from Star Trek, Neytiri from Avatar, and most of the Mass Effect crew are some of my favorite characters from any fiction in any genre, ever. But all of these characters I've just mentioned are distinctly humanoid, and I wonder if that's… Continue reading How Realistic Are Humanoid Aliens?