Noir Turned Upside-Down in “Jessica Jones”

After finishing the first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones this weekend, I can tell you two big reasons why I enjoyed it so much: It features a host of tough, witty women in leading roles. It totally reminds me of Lost Girl and Gilmore Girls in that respect. Jessica Jones and her best friend Trish… Continue reading Noir Turned Upside-Down in “Jessica Jones”


“Fortune’s Pawn”: Sci-Fi Intrigue, Action, and Romance

After hearing about it on the Geek and Sundry book club Vaginal Fantasy (sci-fi and fantasy romance is the theme), I picked up Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach. It's a science fiction pick, which I love since the book club tends to focus more on fantasy and supernatural fiction. I guess it's hard to find a… Continue reading “Fortune’s Pawn”: Sci-Fi Intrigue, Action, and Romance