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What’s New – February 2016

Hey, guys! Can’t believe the first month of the year has already whizzed by…

If you’ve been following my social media accounts, you probably know that last month I got hooked on Bungie’s video game Destiny. Although I tried the beta a couple years ago (or more?), playing alone just wasn’t that addicting. Now that I have a partner to play with, it’s been ridiculously fun. You can read a whole game diary of my experiences playing the expansion The Taken King here. :)

Hanging out around the CosmodromeHowever, as of this past weekend, I’m starting to feel like Destiny is getting a little stale. I still love the gameplay, the settings, everything — but now that I’ve played the main story and all the DLCs, there are no more fun quests for me. It’s just patrols and strikes everywhere I look. I guess if I was into PvP multiplayer or had a big group to play with, I could tackle the Crucible and 6-player Raids. But as an RPG person rather than a multiplayer person, something feels like it’s missing now.

I’ll still be playing plenty of Destiny, probably for a long time to come — it just won’t be my main game anymore. I’m not quite ready to start a brand new character, so I’ll probably just jump on Destiny once or twice a week to play the Daily Heroic or the strike playlist or something. I just wish there was more Destiny, because despite the 40+ hours of questing I’ve already done, it’s so good I could easily sink another 40 into it!

the magiciansAnyway, beyond Destiny, I’ve started watching the new Syfy show The Magicians. I wrote about my first impressions of the pilot here (spoilers if you haven’t seen it!) and love the college setting mixed with modern-day fantasy.

As for games, I’m still playing Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dragon Age Inquisition, and will finish Spec Ops: The Line soon!

In my more personal life, I’m taking a weekend trip to Lake Tahoe this month to try snowboarding for the first time. I’m also trying to set a better schedule for creative writing so I can finally finish my novel. Sometimes it feels like there’s just not enough hours in the week, but I know it’s up to me to make the time. I am really enjoying the writing right now and feel rejuvenated after taking a little break post-NaNoWriMo. :)

What’s everybody else up to this month? Do you have any video games on your plate?


7 thoughts on “What’s New – February 2016”

  1. Awesome to see another person jump into Destiny. As a player who has put in 1,500+ hours I can say that now may not have been the most optimal time to take the dive since the community is sort of in a rut from lack of new content. Once there is new things to do make sure to join a group in their first steps of progression. Doing a raid and beating it for the first time after suffering with the same group of friends for hours on end is an incredible experience.

    1. Yeah, it seems like the game is definitely geared toward groups playing together. I have fun playing with someone I know, but I haven’t tried online matchmaking for bigger groups before. How do raids work? Is there matchmaking, or can you go in with fewer people? (I’m guessing they’re too difficult for fewer people…)

      1. There is no matchmaking in raids, and the ability to do them with lesser amounts of people has a lot to do with the mechanics of each fight. Vault of Glass can be done with a minimum of three with at least one self revive warlock, but I’ve never tried it. Crota’s End can be solo’d and is usually what people do for the flawless achievement, did it flawless with a friend in a team of two. As for King’s Fall, I low only the final encounter can technically be solo’d. Since it’s current content and you’re new I would 100% recommend going in with a full team.

        What console are you on?

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