Why “Mass Effect 2” is My Favorite of the Trilogy

You guys may know that Mass Effect is my favorite video game series ever. I’m replaying it right now and approaching the end of the first game. It feels like coming home.

When I talk to people who like the Mass Effect series, I always want to ask them which game of the trilogy is their favorite. A lot of people say the first game, because it has a very strong story and great RPG elements. Other people say the third game, which does a good job of fixing past problems and creating a cinematic experience (whether you like the ending or not).

I am one of the people who loves the second game. I’ve played that one more than any other (three times all the way through, and I’m on my way to a fourth time). Of the three games, it has the thinnest story. There are literally less than a handful of main story missions. In between those are dossier quests, which position Shepard to recruit a crew and then get to the know them. That’s exactly what I love about the game.

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