Bandersnatch Review: Brave but Boring?

I really wanted to like Netflix's choose-your-own-adventure experiment Bandersnatch. Part of the Black Mirror series -- which features standalone episodes exploring all kinds of futuristic ideas and dark themes -- Bandersnatch is about a programmer in the 1980's trying to create a video game based on his favorite choose-your-own-adventure novel. The cool thing is that the entire episode is a… Continue reading Bandersnatch Review: Brave but Boring?


Escaping Reality with Outlander: “Dragonfly in Amber” Review

I've always liked books that transport me far away from today's world. It's rare that I'll read a contemporary novel -- give me an epic fantasy in another realm, a science fiction adventure on an other planet, or a historical romance set in another time. Lately, the Outlander series of novels by Diana Gabaldon have been… Continue reading Escaping Reality with Outlander: “Dragonfly in Amber” Review