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“Gears of War 4” Review

Here’s my full review of Gears of War 4! This game was exceptionally fun. I knew a lot about it before it came out, so I expected to enjoy it — but it honestly surpassed a lot of my expectations, based on the story, the combat, and just retaining that overall Gears spirit.

This review covers quite a bit, including my thoughts on the gameplay, the new weapon the Buzzkill, and the co-op experience. =)

Thanks for watching!

— Ashley

7 thoughts on ““Gears of War 4” Review”

  1. Never really paid much attention to Gears of War, but you do make it sound very appealing. Sounds perhaps a little Blizzard-esque — very bombastic and over the top. That can be good if it’s done well.

    Some quick Googling reveals some of the Gears of War games are actually available on PC, but they’re Windows 10 exclusive, so still out of reach for me for the time being. Well, I’ve already got more games than time anyway right now.

  2. Good review. I just finished the campaign and really enjoyed it. I thought they did a good job of sort of transitioning to a new group of characters as well as adding new enemies and weapons while still including all the stuff you’d expect from a Gears game from lore to characters and so on. Super fun game. I was laughing in the video when you were talking about opening those pods. I kept doing that too just to piss off the other characters and hear their dialogue… haha.

    1. Haha that’s funny you were also popping the pods! I agree about the campaign and transitioning us to the new enemy and characters. Glad you liked the game too. Are you playing the multiplayer now?

      1. I’m going to try to do some MP. I’m not big into competitive online stuff, but I did try some of those modes. I’d love to get into Horde mode, but it takes like two-plus hours to complete from what I understand. That isn’t exactly something I can squeeze into my day easily. Do you and your boyfriend play any of the multiplayer modes or just the campaign (sorry if you mentioned this in the review… I can’t remember!)? I never really played much beyond the campaigns and local multiplayer stuff in the older games.

        1. Have you been playing the MP yet? What do you think of it? Yeah, I haven’t really played it too much, I’ve tried it before but I’m not a very competitive gamer. My boyfriend does like multiplayer but he plays more Halo for that, not Gears. I haven’t tried it for Gears 4 yet, but I might still. First I kinda want to replay the campaign on the Insane difficulty!

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