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Gaming Confession: How I Won Over Alistair in “Dragon Age: Origins”

Happy Friday! Today’s video is all about those Dragon Age: Origins romances and how I managed to win over Alistair the first time I played the game. It’s not easy to get the full confession of love from these characters! You do what you gotta do.

Here’s the video. Thanks for watching! =)

— Ashley

6 thoughts on “Gaming Confession: How I Won Over Alistair in “Dragon Age: Origins””

  1. I think the embarrassing thing about this is less the creative use of game mechanics and more the fact it was for Alistair. :P

    For myself, I’ll admit I had to cheat a bit to get through one section of the Fangs of the Father chain in WoW. But then again that’s a rogue quest, so cheating feels kind of appropriate. Probably why Blizzard never did anything about that particular tactic.

    Also, I’ve always felt a bit bad that I’ve almost never been able to complete investigation missions in The Secret World without outside assistance. I like to think I’m a smart person, but those things are way over my head. I’m not good at thinking outside the box, nor am I terribly patient, and those things take a lot of both.

    The one notable exception would be The Big, Terrible Picture, which I was able to complete all my own after an entire afternoon of doing research online, translating Caesar ciphers, and solving puzzles. Was fun.

    1. Haha well, Alistair is a very popular BioWare romance! Interesting you say the “cheating” feels in character for your rogue, that’s funny. I know about you mean about how difficult it can be to complete certain kinds of quests (like the investigation missions you mention) without help. I am pretty impatient so that doesn’t help the matter, but today there are just so many online resources like walkthroughs that make things easy! I always like to try for myself first, but I also enjoy the stories in games so much that I don’t like to spend too much time stuck on a puzzle or challenging mission. It’s kind of a balancing act there. Also depends on the game and how much I enjoy the puzzles (or don’t enjoy them)!

  2. Haha, I don’t think I ever did that to gain Alistair’s approval. I don’t remember what I did, but it was really easy to get him to romance me. All of a sudden it was like boom, “Hello baby!” and he was all over my Warden. :P That’s good to know there’s other ways to get Alistair’s approval, but him actually liking the junk gifts from your dog is really strange. He must have such low standards for gifts.

    Oh and this is unrelated to your video topic, but you look so cute with your hair in pigtails! :D

    1. Haha sounds like you got lucky with Alistair! He is so cute. I think I remember losing a lot of approval points from him during the Redcliffe mission, I think I didn’t handle that one well. Maybe that’s partly why I had a hard time winning him over!

      Aww thanks about the pigtails! :)

  3. Alistair is my absolute favourite gaming character. Blonde, handsome, witty and he has a strong love for cheese, he’s everything I look for in a guy. If I upset him I spent the rest of my game time trying to win back his approval.

    I didn’t realise he’d be happy with junk gifts! He’s such a great guy though, he’d always be grateful whatever you give him.

    I’m talking about him as if he’s a real person. Need to stop fantasising now.

    1. Haha yes, I totally agree! I somehow forgot he loves cheese? I remember getting all giddy the first time I met him in the game haha. You’re right, he’s so nice, that IS probably why he’s so cool with anything he gets!

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